How to Download the BBC iPlayer App for PC?

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A video-on-demand service from the BBC, BBC iPlayer is available on the BBC’s website. A broad number of devices are supported, including smartphones, desktop computers, and monitors with built-in Wi-Fi. Ad-free iPlayer services are available to UK viewers.

All of these phrases refer to different ways of seeing or having to listen to the same information. Without a TV license, it is a criminal violation in the UK to watch or record live television broadcasts from any UK broadcaster, or to watch BBC catch-up or BBC TV on-demand shows in the UK.

Here is how you can get the BBC iPlayer app download on your PC.

Download BBC iPlayer App for Laptop (Windows 10,8,7)

Step 1: BlueStacks App Play is the starting place for all of this. BlueStacks is available for download via the BlueStacks website ( 

Step 2: Installing the software straight into your hard drive is easy. 

Step 3: Installing the application will launch it on its home screen once it has been successfully installed on your computer. Many choices such as applications search, sync apps, settings, etc. will be presented on the home screen of your iPhone or iPod Touch. 

Step 4: A Google account is required in order to install BBC iPlayer using BlueStacks. Either you may use your current Google+ account to sign up. If you don’t already have one, you’ll need to get started on it.

Step 5: Search for “BBC iPlayer” in the app search area of the software. 

Step 6: BlueStacks will now download and install BBC iPlayer for you without any problem.

Features of BBC iPlayer App on Laptop

  1. You’ll be on the edge of your seat for Line of Duty, and you’ll be on the edge of your seat for the Euro 2012 final. As good as it gets. 
  2. All of your favorite shows may be downloaded to your smartphone or tablet so you can watch them offline and at a time that suits you. 
  3. Pause and resume live TV So that you don’t miss a thing, you may now stop and rewind live broadcasts part way through! 
  4. Create a playlist of your favorite TV shows: Create your own programming playlist by tapping the ‘+Add’ button on the top right of the screen.

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