Get GarageBand on Windows PC – Working Methods

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If you are looking for ways to download Garageband then you have come to the right place. This guide will teach the most effective and efficient methods on how to download and install Garageband on your Windows PC and laptop.

The first method, first thought by many people is Google searching ‘How To Download Garageband For Windows’. Therefore, many websites that give out the download of Garageband are found. However, this is not an exact method as many of these websites are fake and are phishing websites giving you a virus instead of the desired Garageband.

How to Download GarageBand for Windows PC?

The solution is searching through or downloading an application called ‘Baidu PC Faster’ which will conduct a scan on your computer and tell you whether or not Garageband can be downloaded. Through Baidu, a large number of trustworthy websites that provide the download of Garageband are shown.


Method 1: Download GarageBand on PC using  macOS Sierra

The second method is downloading Garageband on PC through MacOS Sierra. This method is legal and free to download, however it can only be used for MacOS Sierra and up. The steps are as follows:

– Download the latest version of macOS Sierra

– Search ‘GarageBand’ in the App Store or click here  and download GarageBand for free.

– Connect your Windows PC or laptop via USB to your Mac

– When it is downloaded, open the app

– Open GarageBand on your mac  and Enable MIDI Over Ethernet.  You can find this in Preferences > Advanced > send and receive MIDI with other applications over Wi-Fi network.

– Open GarageBand on your Windows PC  and choose ‘MIDI Driver’ as ‘GarageBand’ from the options of drivers.

– In GarageBand, create a new project and select software instrument to use MIDI. Then connect an external device such as a keyboard or guitar through USB to your computer.

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Method 2: Use VMWare Virtualization Software to Download GarageBand for Windows

VMWare is a program that enables you to use and run MacOS and iOS on your Windows PC or laptop. You can download Garageband on Windows by following these steps:

– Download VMWare HERE  (it’s free)

– Install VMWare and open it up

– Click ‘Create a New Virtual Machine’ and then ‘Next’

– Select Apple Mac OS X as the Guest operating system, version 10.12  (Sierra) and select ‘Next’. This is the newest version of Macintosh to use for Garageband. If it is not available, please check here first .

– Now you’ll be asked to name your virtual machine and select a location where you will save it. I named mine Garageband and selected my desktop. You can name yours whatever you like, but make sure the file type is .ova  and click ‘Next’.

– Now you’ll be asked to allocate memory for GarageBand on your virtual machine. Memory is how much power your computer gives to the program. The more memory you allocate, the faster your virtual machine will run. If you have a high-performance computer or really need to use Garageband on your Mac, select at least 2048 MB  of memory. Otherwise select 1024 MB  or less if needed. Click ‘Next’.

– Now select a hard disk file type. If you don’t know, select ‘Dynamically allocated’ as this will only increase in size as it is used up and decrease when there’s free memory on your computer. Click ‘Next’.

– Now we’re asked where we want to save GarageBand. I suggest somewhere easy to access such as your desktop or documents folder, but it’s up to you. Click ‘Next’.

– GarageBand will now be downloaded and installed on your virtual machine. If there are any updates, click ‘Update’ before clicking ‘Finish’.

– After the installation has finished, open GarageBand on your virtual machine. You can connect an instrument through USB or MIDI in Garageband by clicking ‘MIDI devices…’ and you can add software instruments by clicking ‘+’.

– When GarageBand is open, click on the Windows start menu and search for your Virtual machine (the name you gave it in the beginning). Click it and go to the top left corner of your virtual machine and select ‘View Full Screen Mode’.

– That’s it! GarageBand is now downloaded and installed on your Windows PC.

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Q: Can I connect my iOS device to Garageband on my Windows PC?

A: No, that would not be possible because Apple does not allow their software (Garageband) to be used on non Mac devices such as Windows.

Q: Do I need to connect my iOS device or Mac computer when using Garageband?

A: No, you do not need to use your iOS device or mac computer in order to use Garageband on your Windows PC. It is completely okay if only the virtual machine is open.

Q: Can I download GarageBand on Windows for free?

A: No, GarageBand is only available to Apple devices such as Mac computers and iOS. It cannot be downloaded on non apple devices such as windows PC’s.

Q: How do I activate GarageBand on my computer?

A: Garageband comes pre-installed on Apple devices such as Mac computers and iOS. However, it is not available to download for free on windows PC’s.

Q: How do I install Garageband on my PC?

A: Garageband can be installed by simply downloading the software from or following the link above and then clicking on ‘Next’ until you reach an option saying ‘I Already Have A Serial’. Once this option is clicked, you are now finished with installing Garageband to your PC or laptop.

Q: What are the features of Garageband?

A: The features of Garageband includes:

1. Compatibility with iOS devices and Mac computers

2. Records music through the use of a microphone

3. Ability to create podcasts and voice memos through your recording, editing and mixing.

4. Quality sound editing tools such as compression, EQ and reverb.

5. Includes nearly 3 GB of loops and sounds to choose from.

6. Create up to eight tracks simultaneously.

7. Supports multi-track recording and playback.

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