How to Install Netflix on Your Smart TV and Macbook Pro?

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Since its foundation in 1997, Netflix has traveled a long way for evolving into an online video streaming and television service which has already made its presence felt in numerous countries across the globe.

Once you install Netflix, you will be able to browse through numerous TV shows and movies in exchange for a single monthly price. Netflix has almost become synonymous with binge-watching as this service can be used on any device having a screen such as tablets, phones, and computers.

At the time of its introduction, the very idea of streaming video-on-demand (VOD) was non-existent. Thus, Netflix started out merely as a DVD delivery service which slowly gained popularity due to its heterogeneous content which can cater to people of all age groups.

Today we are going to take a look at installing Netflix on your android smart TV or Mac for taking your entertainment drive to a whole new level. But first, we are going to start out with its unique features.

How To Install Netflix On Any Smart TV

  1. For installing Netflix, connect your smart TV with your home network either through Wi-Fi or Ethernet.
  2. Your Smart TV is bound to have a specific button on its remote control for launching the smart apps.
  3. While some might have a dedicated Netflix app, in other cases you will have to download the same from the app store of your Smart TV. For accessing streaming applications, you might be required to update your TV’s firmware.
  4. Download the Netflix APK file by using a laptop/PC and installed it into your TV via a USB drive. You can access the support page of your specific TV model for gaining detailed insights on the same.
  5. After opening the application, you will be asked to sign in to your account. Here you will have to type in your login information and select the profile if prompted with the same. It is imperative to note here that the Netflix profile system is not supported by all Smart TV.
  6. You will require a Netflix plan which renders adequate support to streaming video as the DVD-only plan might not be of much help in using the Netflix application on your Smart TV.
  7. You can browse easily through the interface using the TV remote. The arrows can assist you in selecting the video of your preference following which you will have to press the “Enter” or “Select” button on your remote.

How To Install Netflix On Macbook Pro

No specific Netflix app is present for Mac computers and thus you will have to open a web browser such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, or Opera before visiting and signing in with your account credentials.

With more than 100 million subscribers across the globe, Netflix has taken the shape of an immensely popular streaming service that keeps on growing every year.

A recent survey has revealed that the number of users hooked on to Netflix easily bypasses the subscribers of Hulu, YouTube, and even cable TV.

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Features Of Netflix on SmartTV

After you install the Netflix app, you might just accidentally end up watching a movie or TV show which you surely don’t want your family to know about. In such a scenario, you can remove the title by deleting the same from your browsing list. You can visit the “My Activity” page from the “Account” menu after which you can delete your browsing history.

  1. In spite of gaining popularity as a streaming service, Netflix install can also assist you as your personal media library. You can thus browse any TV episode or movie of your preference and save it for being watched later without having to waste data over streaming.
  2. It becomes possible to set up your personal profile coupled with your preferences so that Netflix stops recommending shows you dislike.
  3. A Netflix subscription carries worldwide validity so that you can access the exclusive TV show selection and movies of different countries you travel to.
  4. Given our hectic work schedule, it might not always be possible to look up at the screen while trying to juggle both work and play. In such a scenario, you can click on the subtitle option wherein you will find the “audio” tab. Once you click on the “English-Audio description” option, a nice narrator will inform you all about the missed visuals.
  5. We often share our Netflix passwords with friends and family which might pose as a cause of concern if a glitch occurs in our cordiality with them. In such a case, you can boot them out by going to “My Account” and clicking on “Sign out of all devices.” However, you shouldn’t forget to update your password after the same to prevent further unauthorized access.
  6. You can practice a foreign language from the privacy of your house by putting on your favorite show using a foreign language and pair it up with English subtitles.
  7. By going to the Account page and clicking on Test Participation, you can gain early access to all the features of Netflix before they become publicly available to its users.

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