How To Download Etcher Software For Windows? 

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With these technological advances in the present world, the importance of data and information has increased. Data is everywhere and if it is not, it is needed to be shared. 

The Etcher software is a modern way to share files that makes the process quick and stress-free. 

But what is Etcher software? What are its features? Why should you download it? How to use it? Is it possible to download Etcher software on computers? If so, how to do it? 

I know you probably have these and a dozen more questions about the Etcher software. Our intentions behind writing this post are to answer all of them to you. 

This post will help you understand all about Etcher software. I hope you are excited as you are about to discover another way to share documents. 

Let’s begin with the basics. 

What Is Etcher Software And Its Features? 

Etcher is also known as Etcher balena. It is developed by that was initially called company. It is an IoT (Internet Of Technology) company that develops home appliances, cars, etc that are connected with an internet connection. 

Etcher balena is an image writing tool using which you can write images to portable devices like SD cards, Readers, USB drives, and more. 

It is open-source software that allows users to create bootable USB flash drives. The software was developed with the main purpose of flashing their home Linux distribution, balenaOS, onto a portable device. 

However, it was then branched out, and now it is used to create a bootable USB or SD card of any operating system. 

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Features Of Etcher Balena Software For Its Users

Some features of Etcher software that beat the alternatives like Rufus are 

  • Etcher balena software is free to use, an open-source system that is very fast, simple, convenient, stylish, and user-friendly. 
  • It can work with multiple different types of files while most competitors fail to work with more than one. Some of the Linux-based file types supported are .xz, .gz, .bzz files. 
  • Unlike other systems, Etcher software is updated regularly. It presents a flexible experience to its users. 
  • An etcher is a multi-platform software that is designed for users keeping them in mind.  
  • The community and developer support are incredibly awesome. For those of you who are just starting, there’s nothing to be worried about if you are stuck somewhere you can always reach out to either the community members or support team and they will respond to your questions. 

These were some of the features of Etcher balena software that make it a better choice than other similar tools. 

However, these are not all of them, you can download them on your Windows computer to explore more features.

System Requirements For Downloading Etcher Balena Software On Windows Computer

To run the software fluently on your computer you will have to make sure that your computer has all these requirements fulfilled. 

  • Operating System – either one of the three Windows (10, 8, and 7), macOS ( Yosemite or above), and Linux system with both 32-bit and 64-bit. 
  • Available space 112 MB. For some Linux systems, it can be 80 to 90 MB. 

If your computer has these requirements fulfilled you should move on to the next step that is downloading the Etcher balena software on your computer. 

Please keep in mind that in this article, we will be focused on downloading the software on a Windows device. 

If you have a MacBook or a Linux system you can follow this guide. 

How To Download Etcher Balena Software On Computer? 

There are many of their party sites that will claim that their versions are official but you should never download from such sites or you may risk your system’s security. 

Step 1: To download the software on your computer, download it from the official website only. 

Step 2: After you have downloaded it safely on your computer, the installation is pretty simple. 

Step 3: On your Windows computer, go to the download folder and locate the recently downloaded folder. 

Step 4: Extract its contents and find the .exe file. After you have found it click on the “run as administrator” button and follow the steps correctly. 

Step 5: Congratulations, you have installed the Etcher balena software on your Windows computer and you can start exploring its features. 

You must have noticed that it was a regular Windows installation process. It was because there was an official source for downloading the software on computers. 

Thanks for the help, developers! It just made the world a better place. 

If you want to learn how it works here’s a tutorial for you. 

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How To Create A Bootable USB Drive With Etcher Balena? 

To create the USB on a Windows computer follow these instructions. 

  • Insert removable hardware into your computer. 
  • Click on the ‘select image’ button and opt for your desired OS ISO file. 
  • Select the removable hardware you wish to flash OS. 
  • Press the ‘flash’ button and wait for some time for the process to complete. 

After the process is completed you will have your first ever bootable USB flash drive on your computer. 


Etcher balena is a great option for easily creating bootable USB drives. 

I hope you were able to download the Etcher software on your Windows computer successfully. 

It has become so popular because of the unique features that help it perform better than its competitors and rank top almost always. 

Simplicity always attracts users. Give them an easier way to do something and they will give you everything. 

Etcher balena presents a flexible and multi-platform working that makes it very handy. Everyone wants to use it.

If you have followed the steps correctly then you must be trying its features but if you haven’t then I would recommend you to try again as the process is super simple. 

If you should face any troubles you can reach out to the Etcher community or support team. They will help you. 

Or you can use the comments section below and send your questions to us. We will respond to them as soon as possible. 

I hope you liked this post. 

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